Having read annadating blog articles, you might have faced a bunch of tips on how to build a lost-lasting love affair, but what to do if your woman is a workaholic?

A relationship with a workaholic is a far cry from the fairy tale of eternal love and fidelity. In the love triangle, “a man — a woman — her career,” jealousy, scandals, letdown, and betrayals have become common. The reason for them is the dedication to a partner’s career. Life with a workaholic partner turns into an endless wait and test. If you are familiar with this situation and you no longer want to put up with it, here are some tips on how to get your lover's attention back and save your relationship.

Support Instead of Being Angry

No matter how you feel hurt, lonely, or sad, try not to burst negative emotions on your partner. That won't help you solve the problem. Only increase stress on both sides. The key to a trusting and strong relationship is the ability to cope with the challenges together. Thus, your task is to bring your sweetheart into a sincere conversation. Show your lover you are worried about your partnership, talk about your feelings and explain what you're missing. Mention important events and moments that your partner missed while she buried herself in work. Don't forget to keep a positive attitude.

Ask Open Questions

Open-ended questions will help you start a dialogue, that is, those that can't be replied to with a one-word “yes” or “no.” To get your partner out of her career reflections or fatigue, ask how her day was, what essential or fun things happened. Prove that you are in the mood to listen.

Don't Encourage Workaholism

Consider whether you are indulging the instincts of a chronic workaholic. For example, you agree to reschedule a date, go to her parents' house alone, or eat a pizza alone. Don't do all the family chores for two and make your partner face the consequences of her non-participation in the relationship. Is your girlfriend late for dinner? Leave cold food on the table. Isn't she on time for her nephew's birthday party? Don't apologize for your partner; tell her how upset the kid was about her absence.

Ask Her to Spend Evenings Without Any Gadgets

Even irreplaceable employees have a right to time off. Tell your partner so. Insist on spending your night's leisure time without a single phone call or work-related message. By the way, it's a great exercise to compromise and develop mutual respect.

Discuss Plans for Your Future Together

If you're in a serious and long-term relationship, say aloud your goals for the future. Coming up with joint perspectives will help you get closer again and set priorities reminding each other that your dreams can only come by supporting each other.

Treat Your Couples Problems as They Are Working Ones

If your lover likes a managerial approach to solving problems, you should try to apply it to family problems. Talk to your partner about worries and identify how you could resolve the conflict.

Never Compare Yourself and Her Career

It's a huge mistake you can make in a relationship with a female workaholic. No doubt they are completely different but equally crucial components of her life.

Family brings love, moral comfort, and an incentive to move on, and work brings financial stability and complete confidence in herself.

If you consider taking a relationship with your hard-working girl to the next level, you should weigh the pros and cons and see if you are willing to share your woman with her work 24/7. If yes, then you can safely prepare for marriage!

How to Date a Female Workaholic: Working Tips?

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