Lean Process has everything you need to know as you learn about lean manufacturing, six sigma and other business improvement methodologies.

About Lean Process

About Lean Process

Whether you’re a student, employee, manager or business owner, you’ll find lots of information about the different tools that can be used to solve business problems and improve processes.

You may be more interested in lean manufacturing or six sigma, but both have there place in improving business results. If you’re not sure what the difference is, don’t worry, we’ve got that covered too!

One thing to remember is that lean manufacturing is primarily focused on removing waste from business processes. This helps value flow to the customer more efficiently and cost effectively. You can find the posts related to lean manufacturing here.

Six Sigma on the other hand is more focused on reducing the variation in a process. This means that the outcome of the process is more consistent and leads to better quality for the customer and less scrap or rework for the business. You can find our Six Sigma posts here.

About the author

Lean Process is written and managed by a certified 6 Sigma and Lean Manufacturing black belt.

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